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Buying a home


We are confident that the first and foremost criteria for any proposed purchase is location. You will know best if your preferred location is favourable because it provides easy access to family and friends, or close to schools and the work place. If the location appeals to you, will it also appeal to others whenever the opportunity presents itself for you to sell up and move on. Given the expense of travelling today it is important that you research transport connections and journey times.


When looking for a home to buy it is important to evaluate those points most important to you which together will enable you to be positive in your pursuit of a suitable property. Location is generally a key priority as we have stated , checking house prices for affordability is also important, reviewing the type of properties available their age and what significant features they may have which would mark them out as being of specific interest to you. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms, storage space, type of heating, economic assessment, potential for improvement and or alteration, need of repair, impact of surrounding property, any negative drawbacks, overall room sizes, garden suitability and its flooding potential are all matters of immense importance when buying

Property Search

You are fortunate with internet available to-day to have ready access to major property search portals. You may wish to register with local agents, including our own office here, by registering your interest in a particular location, type of property, number of bedrooms and specific price range. By registering with our office, we will be able to notify you once a suitable property has been listed with our agency often before a For Sale board is erected. Whenever a suitable property is available to view, this can be arranged through our office

Budget & Financing your move

It is important to set your own budget to assess the affordability of the home you wish to buy. Consider your potential monthly outgoings including a loan payment, add on domestic rates and insurances, utility expenses such as  electricity, central heating, telephone and other monthly living costs to see how your money will be stretched and what you can realistically afford, and feel comfortable with. Our office will be happy to introduce you and put you in contact with a suitable advisor who is well placed to go through these details with you. Check out our mortgage calculator for a guide before speaking to your bank or adviser


We realise that with heavy schedules and busy lives that for you, a viewing after 5.00pm or at weekends is perhaps the only time available to you. Alternatively if you are retired or on holiday and require to view during the working day, perhaps with only very short notice, we can often oblige to have a viewing arranged particularly if it is to be key accompanied and easily accessible to our office. In many instances, vendors are pleased to undertake their own viewings by prior arrangement for which you will be asked to confirm suitable information for security reasons, name and contact number for instance. Arrange a viewing with us today

Making an Offer

After viewing a property and should it be of considerable interest to you, then you will be expected to confirm your interest by making an offer “subject to contract”. This can be expressed verbally by telephone and you will be invited to confirm some personal details such as your full name, current address and brief information relating to the offer you intend to make. That information will relate to how you propose to finance the offer, for instance if a mortgage is required, and it is not unusual for the selling agent to seek clarification as to how you intend to provide this facility.  If considered suitable to do so, the offer will be communicated to the vendor, also in writing, to give them an opportunity to reflect on all the circumstances and conditions relating to the offer. You will be advised if your offer is to be considered, or if any higher offer is received.

Instruct a solicitor

You will require a solicitor to act for you in completing a purchase. They will provide you with details of their charges and whatever outlay you might be reasonably expected to pay, they will also confirm your liability to pay Stamp Duty or any other charges that might apply.