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Selling a Home


The top priority for any vendor is to learn how much their house is reasonably worth on the open market and to receive some indication from an estate agent, who is well experienced in their field, as to whether their property could reasonably sell for the valuation being advised. Unlike some agents, we will suggest a realistic Asking Price – not an inflated price to gain your business only to later recommend that it be reduced after a period of time when interest fails to register. When giving a valuation, we are confident we will reflect the average selling price for similar property in your area and our experience in that field counts a great deal



In association with The Estate Agent Act 1979 we will be pleased to confirm our terms & conditions in writing before commencement of the process. If we don’t know you or have never acted for you before we will require some form of identification from you for our file. Not all costs are the same so it is recommended that you obtain some detail of our costs whenever you request a valuation.


It is important that you take time and make an effort to have your property well presented before marketing commences. This could be a general spring clean and tidy up, removing all those un-necessary items to the waste amenity and recycling site, a garden transformation, re-decorations or even some necessary repairs which could be important to complete before viewing commences and certainly before your property is to be surveyed for mortgage purposes.

Statutory Approvals

You may have made either major or minor alterations or improvements have been carried out or other changes made since you purchased the property and for which statutory approvals were not sought or obtained. We can offer you our assistance in the determination of what information might reasonably be required, and what source you could pursue where this would be available from.