Requirements for application

All enquiries for our rental properties are subject to a Tenancy Application being lodged with our office from which information provided will be verified and references sought and obtained, the benefit of which may assist our landlord client to make an informed decision.  Acceptance of a Tenancy Application by our office does not guarantee that any tenancy will be granted. In every case Individual application is required for any person who is 18 years or over including any son or daughter living with their parents or guardians.

To prevent fraud all applicants are required to provide some form of current photographic identification and specimen signature, in addition you will be invited to provide our office with a copy utility bill or receipt to connect you as the applicant with your present residential address. Please note that WE CHECK ID

Guarantors & references

We will require references when assessing your Tenancy Application, something that we apply for directly from your existing landlord or letting agent, your employer and from two persons who may know you and who can provide a character reference for you. Other enquires may also be made. Guarantors must be homeowners, resident in Northern Ireland and available and willing to sign up to a guarantee role during the tenancy period as their responsibility to the landlord is as equal to that of the tenant they support. Broken periods in occupation, reasons for vacating other properties, rent arrears and unpaid rent are all important matters. Applicants could often assist their enquiry by providing full information when requested or even offering additional information which could, when known, affect the enquiry they make.


Housing Benefit payments

We appreciate that a number of enquiries we receive are directed to us by people who may already be receiving, or planning to apply for, assistance with payment of their rent through the Northern Ireland Housing Executive Private Housing Benefit section. Some properties may be suitable for DHSS applicants while others may not. The application process for Private Housing Benefit can take time and successful applicants who are selected for a rented property on the basis of the Tenancy Application form and references received, must have access to the necessary funds in advance of any payment being made by the Housing Executive and before keys can be released. Housing benefit payments are closely monitored and frequent enquiries are made by our office.

Moving in (insurance and connection to services)

Upon moving in, the successful tenant is responsible for informing the various utility providers and suppliers, be it electricity, gas heating, TV license, land line telephone or in some cases Domestic Rates, of their arrival to ensure that by registering supplies into their name that same continue and any requirement to pay (including any deposit required) is fully met. Many rented properties have existing card payment methods in place as opposed to quarterly accounts, however card meters must still be registered into the tenants own name. The following contact telephone numbers may be of assistance when doing so.


Power NI - Telephone 0845 7455 455 or  

SSE Airtricty - Telephone 0345 864 3546


Firmus energy - Telephone 08456 08 00 88 or   

Phoenix Gas - Telephone 0845 900 5253

The Tenant may chose to insure their furnishings and other personal belongings, something which we recommend and which should cover television, jewellery, computers, mobile telephones etc and any item  which is not recorded on the Landlord’s Inventory and Condition report prepared in connection with the subject property. Please note that NO LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE TO A TENANTS PROPERTY OR PERSONAL BELONGINGS is accepted by the Landlord or their agent.