As Professional Estate Agents with considerable experience in this particular field, we can arrange to carry out particular valuations on properties for various purposes including those which will require a written report to be furnished, possibly to a third party.

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If you are considering selling your property now, we will be pleased to make arrangements for a visual inspection to be completed as a result of which we should be in a better position to confirm our opinion of the open market value and to advise you of our terms and conditions of engagement if we were appointed to act on your behalf. This information is provided in accordance with guidelines contained in The Estate Agents Act 1979.


Alternatively, if you have decided to seek tenants for a property which you own and want to have some professional assessment of what level of rent you might expect, we can arrange a visual inspection with you after which we can offer an assessment and provide you with written confirmation of our terms and conditions should you decide to appoint us to act on your behalf.


This is where you may be involved in an Estate or acting for a Deceased relative and you have been asked to obtain a valuation for assisting with the extraction of probate in connection with administering the deceased’s estate. We will arrange to visit the subject property, prepare a written report and forward this to the acting solicitor as required. A Professional Fee is payable to us in respect of that service which is normally charged to the deceased’s estate. We are also available to assist with any future disposal of the asset in question.


Sometimes in association with family matters a valuation is required  before a property can be legally transferred between parents and their children or between other family members. A valuation of the family home be it a dwelling, farm, land or other property can be prepared and submitted to you for which a Professional Fee is payable to us in respect of the service we provide. 


You may be asked by your lawyer to obtain a written valuation in respect of your personal interest in a family or other property which needs valued to progress a matrimonial matter. We will be pleased to make arrangements for the property to be inspected, relevant papers relating to same reviewed (planning permission etc), before compiling a valuation report for which a Professional Fee is payable to us. If we are called to attend court on your behalf to present evidence or contest another professional valuation then our attendance will also be subject to a Professional Fee


We also provide valuation support in respect of compulsory purchase orders, vesting, road widening schemes, provision of access to site or formation of sight visibility splay lines. We will be happy to discuss any individual requirements and the scope of our Professional Fee associated with same dependent upon the nature of the work involved.

Land Purchase

We also provide valuation support in relation to the proposed purchase of additional land, neighboring land which would enlarge a person’s holding, this could be in the form of a valuable strip or slither which when purchased could add greatly to the acquiring purchaser’s holding. A valuation fee is also chargeable in these circumstances.